The Uninvited

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  4. Trials Without Truth: Why Our System of Criminal Trials Has Become an Expensive Failure and What We Need to Do to Rebuild It.

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The Uninvited

About This Game As you and your brother are driving in the dead of night, you swerve to avoid a mysterious object. Then the world goes black. When you come to, your car is wrapped around a tree, a storm is brewing and your brother has vanished.

You enter the mansion, finding yourself within a labyrinth filled with ghosts and demons. Each step brings you further into the unknown. Move quickly, since each second that passes threatens your sanity.

Thirsty Classics: The Uninvited | Autostraddle

Come see where the world of first-person adventures started and experience the classic horror game as it appeared in First Person Adventuring : Over 50 game rooms of horror adventure. Drag and Drop : Utilize the classic, groundbreaking windows-based, drag and drop object system. Puzzles : Tons of great puzzles.

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  • Save System : Save your progress at any time — create as many save points as you wish. System Requirements Windows. All rights reserved. See all.

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