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Browser to the Workspaces folder.

Select the Run All button to execute the workflow and explore the different steps. This executes model building for three different algorithms. The training and testing workflows will decide which model is the best. Delete the CreditScoring dataset and connect to your data.

Statistica also ships with around 70 step-by-step examples detailed within the product help. Start Statistica and select F1.

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You can search by keyword Example or look at the table of contents. Are you an existing user? From there, you can reach Knowledge base articles. Apart from solutions to frequent asked questions, you might find useful articles showing you tips and tricks with the software functionalities such as: How to embed document in Workspace, How to access help for specific dialog, How to connect to Aster database, What are the cases and variables, etc.


For more details on workbooks, see Workbook Overview. Next, you can specify the ranges in the foreign data file to be imported and decide whether to import case and variable names.

This ability to specify the exact way in which a file is to be imported is a distinct advantage of using the file import facilities instead of the Clipboard. In addition, you can access types of data that are not or not easily accessible to Clipboard operations.

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Select the File tab and click External Data. See options below the Query heading. OLE DB is a database architecture [based on the Component Object Model COM ] that provides universal data integration over an enterprise's network, from mainframe to desktop, regardless of the data type.

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Customers like the fact that while no coding is needed, it is possible to code anything within Statistica using Visual Basic, an industry standard language. This allows users to customize functionality required for their business, giving them the best of both worlds - a platform where coding is not necessary, but available if needed. Statistica customer references have an aggregate content usefulness score of 4. We only post customer references verified by the vendor.

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