Macroscale Models of Flow Through Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media

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Appearing at the scale of pores the micro scale such processes can affect the micro-scale structure of the medium. This impacts the behaviour of the system at a larger scale macro-scale , which is of primary interest.

When performing numerical simulations, one has to account for the occurrence of different scales, and with the fact that the micro-structure is changing in time in a manner that is not known a-priori. Here we consider a phase field model for precipitation and dissolution in porous media [1, 4].

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Using periodic homogenization, we derive an upscaled macro-scale model. The resulting is a system of equations coupling parabolic and elliptic equations at the macro-scale. These involve effective parameters like diffusivity, porosity and permeability, which are obtained by solving locally coupled systems again.

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Macroscale Models of Flow Through Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media -

We proposed a combination of numerical techniques to solve the upscaled models. At each time step, the macro-scale system receives information from the micro-scale problems, which are updated as the phase field evolves. To deal with the nonlinearity of the model, we use an L-type linearization scheme [2, 3].

This is combined with mesh refinement at the micro-scale, improving both the accuracy and the efficiency of the simulations.

Discrete Reduced Models for Flow in Porous Media

References [1] C. Bringedal, L. List and F. Pop, F.

Chemical or Heat Convection-Diffusion Transport Through Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media

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Macroscale models of flow through highly heterogeneous porous media

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