Human Capital and Institutions: A Long-Run View

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The extent to which someone is rich or poor, experiences family instability, faces discrimination, or grows up in an opportunity-rich or opportunity-poor neighborhood affects future economic outcomes and can subvert the processes that lead to productivity gains, which drive long-term growth.

Human Capital & Conditional Convergence

To what extent can social programs counteract these underlying dynamics? Our funding interests are organized around the following four drivers of economic growth: the macroeconomy, human capital and the labor market, innovation, and institutions. Grant Category Human Capital How does economic inequality affect the development of human capital, and to what extent do aggregate trends in human capital explain inequality dynamics?

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Back to funded research. Economic opportunity and intergenerational mobility Economic instability Family stability Neighborhood characteristics.

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Grants Starting From: - All - The Science of Science Funding Initiative. The Women Working Longer Project.

Illinois Workplace Wellness Study. The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment. He is also the Mitsui Professor of Economics at M.

Determinants of Long-Run Economic Growth

Political Institutions and the Scope for Action. His work has appeared in a variety of publications that include leading economic history and economics journals.

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Articles on the North American fur trade of the eighteenth century with Ann Carlos have been awarded prizes by the Canadian Economic Association and the Library Company of Philadelphia. Kenneth L. Human Capital and Institutions is concerned with human capital in its many dimensions and brings to the fore the role of political, social, and economic institutions in human capital formation and economic growth.