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Next time at Our Garden, growing vegetables in container pots. The classes are free and are offered at 10 a. Seedlings also are available and Master Gardeners are on hand to answer questions. By Joan Morris jmorris bayareanewsgroup. At the very minimum, the soil must have a nighttime temperature of at least 55 degrees — 65 degrees would be best.

Until its warm enough to plant — probably next month — keep your peppers protected and warm.

You might need to move them up into slightly larger pots to prevent them from becoming root bound. If you absolutely have to plant the soil is just barely warm enough, then lay down dark, plastic sheeting on the bed a few days ahead of time, cut a planting hole and plant your peppers. The sheeting will help warm the soil and keep the heat in place. You also can cut the bottoms off of gallon milk jugs and cover the plants like a cloche, which also can help the soil retain heat around the plant. Extend the time a little each day, for 7 to 10 days, then plant them in your garden.

Peppers do not like having their roots disturbed so try not to bother the root ball when transplanting. Transplant in the cool of the evening or on an overcast day to help reduce plant stress. Dust the planting hole with magnesium and work it in before planting your peppers. Stake peppers now to prevent damaging the roots with stakes later on. Watering and mulch Peppers are unforgiving when it comes to water. You need to keep them watered during flowering and fruit set. Peppers tend to be shallow rooted so mulch under and around them with 2 inches of mulch.

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Yet, we all know it takes more than flashy hats, big hair and a kick-ass attitude to successfully lead a team in the real world. Strong leaders have the power to engage others, motivate their team and make their passions ours. They are visionaries that inspire action to achieve the business mission. Strong leadership is vital to employee engagement and business success! How do we motivate people to dream as big as Elon Musk?

Below, I explore how to develop strong leadership skills within our own management teams. Your business success depends on it! So how do we nurture those vital leadership skills?

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So, make sure managers have access to the leadership training they need to develop their own skills. Give your managers the power to lead by example! The best leaders know that every opportunity, every conversation and every experience is a chance to learn. This is why social learning is so important! Give your team the opportunities and tools to share their knowledge, learn from their colleagues and lead each other towards victory!

For example, encourage everyone to share their top tips on the LMS news feed. Me and my fellow superheroes leading each other to victory!

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Praise is powerful stuff, especially when it comes from leaders! It's simple. If you want, you can prepare the solution, and then you can add a little crystal as seed. To obtain single crystals of magnesium hydroxide I used slow diffusion of reactants technique in a gel. For this purpose I mix 8g gelatin gel with ml of distilled water to prepare the gel environment. I introduced the gelatine in a graduated cylinder and waited to strengthen. Meanwhile I prepared 5 ml of concentrated ammonia solution 5M that I added over gelatin.

Crystallization process is very slow. In the early days there were few white rings of precipitate formed Liesegang's rings. After two weeks have been shaped crystals of magnesium hydroxide. I'm thinking about a lot of applications. When you're sure that you don't want to grow them bigger, just spray them with some varnish. Stay tuned.

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I will show you how to make some jewelries with them. What did I make? I grow some crystal to show people how great are them and how great is chemistry. First time I was in the chemistry lab I wanted to grow some crystals. They aren't just nice, they can be useful too. How did I make it? I just got what I was needing, I made the solution, let it dry, and then grow more crystals. I know that it looks easy to grow, but it isn't. Where did you make it? I have made them at school, in the chemistry lab, but you can also DIY them at home.

What did I learn? I learn that if you put a piece from your soul in your projects, it can become something great. To make something nice, you must like it, you should work hard and you may be patient. Great thing haven't appeared in one night. I saw a lot of great things made using crystals. Question 5 months ago on Step 5. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Where do you get the chemicals for making these crystals? I've played around with common household ones Borax, Alum , but they tend to be a bit boring. Also have you ever tried using a pressure cooker to change conditions?

Answer 1 year ago. Hi Kevin. I had those chemicals from the chemistry lab. I didn't procure them myself, but you can usually buy them from Amazon or any other e-shop that sells chemicals.

I don't see alum as boring, but it depends what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to get a nice perfect crystal, you need a lot of time and patience. But anyway, I believe that it is quite easy to get copper sulfate, as it is used, or was used in agriculture. I don't know about pressure cooker conditions, but I think it might not be indicated, if you are trying to get a nice big crystal, as it makes the water boil and then you might not actually get any seed, because the environment will be very agitated and warm.

You need a cool dry environment to get the water soluble crystal to form. It is true that the crystals that grow in the ground are created under pressure, but the mixture containing the crystalline substance has quite a high temperature before it cools.

And I wouldn't compare the pressure underground with the pressure of a slow cooker. But all I can say is that you can try and experiment with different conditions. So good luck!

I am growing potassium nitrate crystals, I chose one and I am making it bigger and bigger, how can I make it stronger? I mean if it falls it will break How can I make it more durable? Reply 1 year ago. I don't know that you can make the crystal structure itself stronger. What I would do is grow it to the size you like and encase it in an epoxy like you would to preserve a flower.

That'll last through a nuclear war. Thanks for this instruction. I've been experimenting for a couple weeks now. When you mention that heating the water will not make large crystals, can you dissolve Alum in cold water?

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Or should you boil water, dissolve it, cool it, then start the crystal process? I'm encrusting little sculptures. Thanks again! Do you have any experience with growing durable clear crystals? It looks like Alum crystals are simple to grow, but aren't very strong and break easily? I'm doing an art project but need strong, durable clear crystals.