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One compound, known as dmPGE2, is now in Phase I clinical testing in 12 adults receiving cord blood transplants for leukemia or lymphoma.

Coax embryonic stem cells into a variety of adult cell types in our Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory. Try it yourself Coax embryonic stem cells into a variety of adult cell types in our Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory.


Twitter Stumbleupon Delicious Digg. Children's Hospital Boston. In fact, other stem cell types are proving to be much more useful. The best stem cells for patients are Adult Stem Cells; these are taken from the body e.

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Another type of stem cell that is proving very useful is induced pluripotent stem cells iPS cells. These can be made from any cell, such as skin, and from any person.

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They have already been used to create lab models of different diseases. FDA or similar international agencies. Clinical trials may not be effective for all patients or conditions.

Adult stem cells

We are not a research or clinical facility and do not provide clinical trials or treatments. Adult Stem Cells - Frequently Asked Questions The primary role of adult stem cells in humans is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. What are Stem Cells? At each ovulation cycle, the single-layer epithelia that encapsulate mammalian ovaries undergo rupture and rapid repair.

Recent studies have identified stem cell pools that ensure ovarian epithelial homeostasis, thus providing insights into the regulation of stem cell function and the contribution of stem cells to ovarian tumorigenesis. Somatic stem cells are responsible for tissue maintenance and repair throughout life.

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Studies on blood, skin and intestinal epithelium have revealed that multiple types of stem cells with distinct roles perform such regenerative functions. Moreover, stem cells have greater developmental flexibility than had previously been appreciated under stress conditions such as acute injury.

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  • Series 11 February Adult stem cells Adult stem cells also known as somatic stem cells or tissue stem cells are rare populations of undifferentiated cells that are found in the body throughout the majority of postnatal life; they are capable of self-renewal and give rise to a limited number of mature cell types that build the tissue in which they reside. Series home About our series. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology menu. Nature Research menu.

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