2014 AJN Award Recipient Mastering Simulation: A Nurses Handbook for Success

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2014 AJN Award Recipient Mastering Simulation A Nurse's Handbook for Success

Written by Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, the book showcases Nightingales incredibly forward-thinking perspective on her nascent career field. Undergraduates can learn a wealth about how to rise to a prominent position within nursing by reading Leadership in Nursing Practice and developing an understanding the difference between leadership and management, translational applications, along with interesting case scenarios. For those newly moving into leadership roles, the information on transitioning into the role is very crucial as well. Nurses are increasingly depended on to inform patients on healthy lifestyle choices and Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice is an informative guide that allows them to communicate the best information on to those who need it most.

The nursing field is full of esteemed professionals who are counted on everyday to act within the boundaries of morality and Nursing Ethics shows how the application of ethics into the nursing curriculum is an absolute necessity to ensure the highest quality work. Additionally, the book makes a great study tool for NCLEX-testing and is the basis for moral integrity in nursing. Cultural differences are particularly interesting, specifically when looking at the various ways people desire to be treated when looking at a medical treatment.

Transcultural Nursing: Assessment and Intervention equips nurses to be able to identify the six cultural phenomena and care for clients in many varying backgrounds.

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They cover extensive amounts of highly specific information such as oncological emergencies and hypertensive crises, so it can be depended on for being very thorough. Curriculum Development in Nursing Education provides interesting context as to how an environment for future generations of nurses is cultivated. By focusing on how educators can develop new approaches, a unified vision for the trajectory of nursing and be more readily achieved, which how this book has become so useful.

Fiction and Fantasy in Medical Research: The Large Scale Randomised Trial discusses one of the largest problems in the medical field, namely how the medical field depends on large-scale randomized trials to determine how effective a drug may be. One of the hardest environments to practice medicine in is the emergency room and to work in critical care. The narrative shows how rewarding, stressful, and demanding the job is, while maintaining a pragmatic perspective. The story is worthwhile because of how thoroughly it depicts the struggles nurses in war environments face. Nursing in the Storm is full of real stories of nurses who stepped up, many of whom volunteering, during the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

The stories present hope tinged with poignancy as these individuals cope with large-scale devastation. Topics are approached with an incredible amount of tact, while not shying away from the most important details of what it is truly like to be a nurse. The Thin White Line is a fictional tale of the spread of a flu pandemic that is presented with incredible accuracy. Reaching Past The Wire tells the true story of Deanna Germain, a nurse practitioner who was mobilized to serve in the Iraq War in The book chronicles the challenges she faced on this arduous job and what she was able to take away from the experience that made her a better nurse.

Standard of Care: A Novel tells the story of one doctor whose hospital is acquired by a hospital corporation long known for predatory practices and little regard for patient advocacy.

His story details the challenges associated with finding a balance between wanting to help others and being trapped in a less than ideal situation. The stories are loaded with useful anecdotes that invite fellow nurses to search for sustained meaning in their own lives to function better as professionals. Daily Miracles: Stories and Practices of Humanity and Excellence in Health Care details how the small acts of kindness can make the health care system more inviting for patients and less stressful for practitioners.

The authors met with 20 nurses and gathered stories that emphasize unity and compassion. Nurses on Our Own is the story of two women who defied the typical medical profession at the time by working to advocate on behalf of patients more intently. We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese, is a stunning true story of the survival of several American military nurses, captured and forced to endure unbearable conditions. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down chronicles the interesting story of a misunderstanding between a hospital and family that ultimately leads to unfortunate results.

Author Anne Fadiman is able to pull in fascinating insight to the situation that makes it a valuable read for those who work in the medical field. Renowned author Oliver Sacks discusses seven patients he has worked with whose brain abnormalities have provided significant insight into the functionality of the human brain and certain perceptual capabilities we often take for granted. The stories are incredibly engrossing and portray a very unique perspective on the complexity of the human brain. This New York Times Bestseller tells the grabbing story of how, after her death, she was able to revolutionize facets of modern health care.

Author Michelle Au explains the little white lies that people tell themselves when pursuing the ambition of becoming a doctor. As a collection of true stories from nurses, any one currently working in the field will be able to relate to the endearing tales of compassion.

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It helps give nurses the information to convey a worthwhile perspective to patients that can ultimately improve their moods indefinitely. Kitchen Table Wisdom is written by Rachel Remen, a renowned physician who is also a professor of medicine and a therapist. The stories help invigorate other nurses to learn how to address these debilitating illnesses and instill hope in others.

Is a great novel for understanding the unique impositions that brain surgery can evoke and how individuals have to work incredibly hard to overcome the difficulties associated with it. Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships empowers nurses and other health care professionals with the know-how to reexamine the current state of interdisciplinary partnerships to make the health care system more adept for professionals and patients alike.

Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment in Nursing: A Practical Approach is the perfect book for any nurse wondering how to better address complex situations and refine their ability to quickly make the best decision for the scenario. By reinvigorating critical thinking, reasoning, and judgment, specifically for a hospital environment, nurses can be more adept at snap-judgments. Advanced Practice Nursing: Essentials of Role Development equips nurses with the skill set to more succinctly fit into advanced practice care.

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They stress non-clinical knowledge that may many times be overlooked. While primarily a useful tool for nursing educators, it explains the uses of simulations to enhance nursing quality. Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 6th Edition provides great insight as to the various changes practitioners must make for patients over their lifespans. Developing a Residency in Post-Acute Care. As the U. New nurses in particular lack the specialized knowledge required for chronic care and gerontological care and are often unprepared to transition into post-acute Fostering a Research Intensive Organization.

At the Massachusetts General Hospital MGH , nurses have boldly dared to transform their nursing program into a place where patient care, science, research, and evidence combine for improved practice, responsible economics, enhanced mentoring, and a fertile place to allow extraordinary Massachusetts General Hospital MGH , long esteemed for its rigorous science and technical excellence, takes time Massachusetts General Hospital MGH , long esteemed for its rigorous science and technical excellence, takes time each day for something seemingly unscientific: telling stories.

Patient safety and quality are an ever-increasing concern to consumers, payers, providers, organizations, and governments. However, high reliability methods and science that can provide efficient and effective care have still not been totally implemented into our healthcare culture. Nurses, representing Author Tina M. Marrelli, Director of the This book provides a successful approach for healthcare leaders at all levels to grow into This book provides a successful approach for healthcare leaders at all levels to grow into successful, resilient leaders capable of addressing the most pressing problems effectively.

Rongchang Yang who was a member of our group until recently.

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I came to Murdoch in and have obtained PhD in the field of chemical sciences at Murdoch University, 9 years ago in January After graduation, I was on a research only position until and then involved in both teaching and research Currently, I am a senior lecturer in School of Engineering and IT, teaching at the post graduate level in the energy discipline and pursuing research in energy storage which is of great national and international significance in storing renewable energy. As we all know, the major barrier to wide ranging application of renewable energy sources is intermittent supply; generation of power by solar and wind sources, for example, can be hampered by time of day, dust, cloud and other weather conditions.

This barrier can be most effectively overcome by large-scale energy storage systems suitable for a broad range of applications. I have a strong commitment in developing new materials for low cost energy storage systems but unsure if I have achieved one so far! Overall, I enjoy doing innovative research, in seeking high quality outcomes and attracting competitive grants. Doing research is actually a collaboration and team work. Though I have a passion in research and generated some original ideas but I have to also acknowledge my team members all post-docs and internships who worked under me including Dr.

I would also like to thank Murdoch University and ARC DP for their support in funding this project without which we would not have achieved to this level.

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To make universities competitive, we have to commit ourselves to provide a high quality teaching and research. We need to strive and keep the star rating at Murdoch this will enable us to attract more students and research funding. To achieve this, I will continue to demonstrate an innovative research, fostering the relationship with the collaborating institutions in both domestic and overseas.

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  • Overall, I would like to develop a highly efficient, safe energy technology for the future and to have a sustainable power. I wanted to get my foot in the door of an organisation that would not only allow me to help engage people with education and learning, but would also provide opportunities to facilitate meaningful experiences for students in a community that fosters ideals of collaboration, creativity, inclusiveness, and support. Luckily for me, Murdoch has been a place where I get to work alongside people who live and breathe this philosophy, and who have helped spark my ideas into reality.

    One of the best parts of my role is having the opportunity to listen to the wealth of knowledge that colleagues and students in my School possess, and being able to feed that back into initiatives that I undertake to improve recruitment and retention within the School of Arts. I believe education is one of the most valuable things anyone can gift themselves with, but it is also not an easy journey for many different reasons.

    I think having the time to sit down with students and staff, listen to their stories, and use their narratives as a tool to reduce obstacles, develop our products, and shape practice delivery is extremely rewarding. So really it is the reciprocal relationship of learning from those I am trying to assist that I enjoy most. I would like to thank my School Manager, Louise Somerset for taking the time to understand me as a person and recognise my strengths as an employee.

    She was very quickly able to create opportunities for me to grow within my role and move in a direction that aligned with my professional goals. I also could not adore all the academic and professional staff within the School of Arts any more than I do now. I have never met a team of people so passionate, dedicated and good at what they do; they inspire me every day.

    I would really like to see an evolution in the way that schools and central departments work together. I would love to see more opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, problem solving, and knowledge development at all levels of the university. We are so incredibly lucky to be working with such a diverse range of people and expertise, and my hope is that we will increasingly be able to recognise and harness these different strengths in order to develop unique learning experiences, inclusive community building opportunities, and superior services for our students and the greater Murdoch community.

    Professor Mike Nicol recognised a need in many first year metallurgy students for greater depth and understanding of fundamental STEM subjects and asked me to develop a portion of that first year unit to enhance these skills. Over time as the CRCs both reached an end of funding, my roll at working with first year students increased. We involved over 1, secondary teachers throughout WA, but also in Queensland and Victoria. No matter what the unit content may be, the realisation that the natural world is never easily separated into neat, self- contained packages.

    Of course this means students must commit themselves to a lifelong course of learning. There are new additions who have become involved Drew Parsons and former employees who have moved on Dr Nick Welham and Sue Farr , but the point is that only through team work can we be successful. Continue to mentor first year students in an attempt to develop their natural curiosity with the universe.

    I also would like to see Murdoch continue and expand its outreach to school teachers. I study these mathematical structures purely for the beauty of the mathematics involved, but such work also has important applications in a range of other fields. For example, sequences of binary digits i. And in molecular biology, for instance, DNA structures can be viewed as very long words over an alphabet of four letters. These are just two areas in which advances in research can be made from a better theoretical understanding of the structural and behavioural properties of finite and infinite sequences.

    Teaching is a strong passion of mine. For one, it allows me to share my excitement for mathematics with students; to open their eyes to the wonder and beauty that is Mathematics. I also take great delight in building up a rapport with students. Seeing them mature in mathematical ability makes the teaching experience all the more rewarding and enjoyable too. I started work at Murdoch University on 4 January as a senior lecturer in physics.

    My main contributions were to the establishment of the physics, computer science and energy studies courses and my leadership in surface physics and renewable energy research. I have greatly enjoyed the collegiality and opportunities for interdisciplinary research at Murdoch University.